40 For My 40th - Forty Things you don't know about me...or do you? I turned 40 over the weekend! I love round numbers and I love making lists, so here’s my fun attempt to combine those two….40 things you may or may not know about me! (Disclaimer: These are somewhat random and not all inclusive.) I LOVE making lists! (OK, that one was easy) I played the flute and became a cheerleader to be just like my big sister. Love my sister - hated both of those activities. I designed my own prom dress. I once killed an ant with the sun and a magnifying glass. I think about my weight hourly (at least). I got my driver's license on my 16th birthday.  Later that day, I drove 100 miles to my sister's college (solo!). Parenting is Read more [...]
Ben and I were asked recently about whether we had "overcome something hard in the past". Nothing immediately came to mind, and for that I am thankful. We have never been laid off or had a catastrophic financial issue. We've always been methodical in our decision-making and plans. Like most of us, though, we've also had a bit of good luck.  When reflecting on some "difficult times", however, a few things came to mind: 1997 The year we married (…although that was not "difficult"!) - We worked retail jobs and really, really wanted to get out of retail schedule/lifestyle. So we spent six months paying off debt and then took non-retail jobs for a net loss of $30k per year. (Yes, leaving retail for other industries was actually a pay cut for Read more [...]
Yep, the blog has been neglected. Big time. We've had quite a bit going on, but really, that's just an excuse. Since writing our 2012 year in review, we've... Prepared our home for sale Traveled to Europe Sold the home Found a rental Got a new job (Tiff) Continued working full-time Traveled for work, and... Had a kid venture into the competitive soccer arena (with the family in tow) We are currently packing up the house and continuing to purge. So, although the blog has been neglected, our goals have not! Later this month we will vacate our home of 6 ½ years to move across town to a rental home. The home selling process has been yin and yang. Living in a house you are trying to sell is not easy - having to "live" in Read more [...]
Reflections on 2012 We had a lot of fun, made ourselves uncomfortable, and experienced many firsts - such as... Venturing into the writing world (i.e. this blog)  Delivering our first ever April Fools pranks to our unsuspecting boys   Taking our first overnight train from Seattle, WA to Davis, CA   The tickle in our tummies from learning trapeze   Our first backpacking trip to beautiful Yosemite       The other stuff wasn't always fun, or easy. But worth it, it was. Big decisions were made that are changing the course of our family. We sold and gave much more than we acquired. New friends entered our lives - some of Read more [...]