20. June 2015 · 1 comment · Categories: Thoughts
Ben and I had the privilege to attend an American Diabetes Association Father of the Year awards ceremony last week. It was a lovely event and quite inspiring! Four Austin, Texas men were honored for their philanthropic and business efforts, and accomplishments Read more [...]
This is the second installment in our two-part series - What Do the Boys Think of This Travel Thing? That's the informal name...we really just needed to post something on this site since we've been terrible about keeping up on it, and many people have Read more [...]
Some of our destinations are too action-packed to summarize in a quick post with accompanying photo galleries. Our time in San Benito, California was just such a destination. You can find a summary and galleries here, but we thought it deserved it's own Read more [...]
Because we have been extra lame at publishing articles about our travel, we thought we should take the easy way out and assign our kids a post. Lots of people ask us how the kids are enjoying life on the road. It's been almost 10 months traveling and Read more [...]