Defining a perfect day reveals your life's priorities.  Thankfully, living simpler brings a perfect day within reach.   Here's my version: Wake up naturally, and fairly early. Run or walk to set my mind.  If possible, participate in a group Read more [...]
This is a time of change in our family.  We are making things happen - new things, Big Things. Our friend Justin at The Great Family Escape, one of our favorite sites, recently asked a few followers about their "Next Big Thing" and shared his great Read more [...]
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Have you ever calculated how much you spend to live every day?  We did, and it was sobering.  We live in a suburban town about 25 miles from Seattle, Washington.  We moved to this town because of the community feel and the top notch public schools. Read more [...]
My cell phone alarm goes off at 3:00 AM.  I drag myself out of bed and perform the morning routine to catch at 5:56 AM flight for work.  After scraping frost from my windshield and driving in the morning dark, I arrive at the airport, carry-on baggage Read more [...]