40 For My 40th – Forty Things you don’t know about me…or do you?

I turned 40 over the weekend! I love round numbers and I love making lists, so here’s my fun attempt to combine those two….40 things you may or may not know about me! (Disclaimer: These are somewhat random and not all inclusive.)

  1. I LOVE making lists! (OK, that one was easy)
  2. I played the flute and became a cheerleader to be just like my big sister. Love my sister – hated both of those activities.
  3. I designed my own prom dress.
  4. I once killed an ant with the sun and a magnifying glass.Tiffany
  5. I think about my weight hourly (at least).
  6. I got my driver’s license on my 16th birthday.  Later that day, I drove 100 miles to my sister’s college (solo!).
  7. Parenting is the least intuitive thing in the world to me.

  8. I have been assessed as an “Opinions” based personality.
  9. I love my dog, but don’t like having a dog.
  10. I feel I’ve done a disservice to my husband by NOT reading “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
  11. I tried my first cigarette in 7th grade, and liked it; never smoked again because I was afraid that I would become addicted.
  12. I cannot watch a movie at home without multitasking.
  13. I have good friends that I have never met in person.
  14. I have gained 15 pounds in the past year (see No. 5 above)
  15. I have completely disappointed my family with my political beliefs.
  16. I love delighting people, especially strangers.
  17. I am writing this from seat 20A – Exit Row, Window seat.
  18. My dad was my biggest fan.Daddy's Little Girl

  19. I would rather be respected than liked.
  20. I have cried over neighborhood litter.
  21. I can recite the popular clothing brands from 7th grade.
  22. I will see a great white shark in the wild, from a shark cage – just have to get comfortable with scuba gear first.
  23. My favorite sound is the crunch of autumn leaves.
  24. I used to hide in the closet when my parents fought.
  25. I am thankful to have boys; I was terrified to have girls.
  26. I’m not sure I want my kids to go to college, but I will not discourage them.
  27. In 2004, I thought my 13-month old son was going to die; he didn’t, but I mentally prepared.
  28. I am not afraid to die.Running in Circles

  29. I love the symphony, especially the sound of an oboe.
  30. I have completed five triathlons, twenty 5K’s, twelve 10K’s, six half marathons, and a full marathon – but I’ve never been a “runner” and am slow as molasses.
  31. I have a 4.0 in 20 years of college coursework, but no usable degree.
  32. I had to stop buying Goldfish crackers because I feared I was addicted.
  33. I read 33 books in 2012, mostly nonfiction; my goal was 25.
  34. I aspire to live in a tiny house.

  35. It takes me about 8 hours to read (and understand) one issue of The Economist.
  36. I consider myself an amateur sociologist and efficiency expert.
  37. The hardest drug I ever tried was marijuana. Twice. As an adult. And was thoroughly disappointed.
  38. I genuinely enjoy my husband and kids. I am honored and proud to be in their lives.
  39. If I’ve earned it, I would like the following in my obituary: “She improved herself and added value to others.”
  40. I am proud of my first 40 years and cannot wait to see what the next 40 has in store!

Maybe I’ll create a list of 41 next year – although 41 just doesn’t have the swagger (and roundness) 40 does. We’ll see! In the meantime, I’ll be putting together a list of 40 things I plan to accomplish this year – maybe I’ll be able to cross that great white shark off of my list…


  1. You rock! I love this list…
    Because we were separated at birth (apparently 3 years apart, however. ahem.) – I will tell you all of our similarities:
    #1 – duh. favorite.
    #5 – The year I turned 40, I set out to lose 32 lbs (random, but it would have put me at a weight that I wanted to hit.) – but after 12 months, I ended up losing 54 lbs. I counted calories and weighed myself 10 times/day. I was obsessed. Three years later, and I’ve managed to keep most of it off (sans the 12 lbs I have gained back.)
    #8 – not officially assessed, but would assume I’m the same.
    #11 – OMG. I was 11 years old (that’s around 7th grade, right?) when I tried my first cigarette. It was a butt in my friend’s mom’s ash tray. I HATED IT, and I never smoked another cigarette ever again.
    #13 – ditto. :)
    #14 – see #5
    #15 – I’m not sure they are disappointed, but I am definitely not on the same page as most of my family.
    #25 – LOVE MY BOYS. I definitely wanted boys. I never had a sister, just two brothers. I get boys.
    #30 – I have never counted all of the 5ks, 10ks, triathlons I’ve done… But I’ve done 5 marathons, and I’ll one-up you… :) I did IronMan Canada in 15 hours, 47 minutes and 14 seconds. I can’t remember what time my kids were born, but I’ve never forgotten how long IronMan took me. :)
    #37 – ditto. college.
    #38 – ditto.
    #40 – whoo-hoo!!

    • Well hello #13! Thanks for stopping by. I am pretty sure we were separated at birth as well. So strange. I remember that I started following Around ‘n Circles on Facebook through the Escapists group and first responded to your post about selling your tri-bike. The rest is separated at birth history :)
      Can’t wait to meet in person!

  2. Happy (late) birthday! I’m so glad you still write here once in awhile – nice to stay slightly connected even though I’m not on FB anymore. I hope this summer is a great one for you, look forward to seeing what adventures it brings!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by and for the birthday wishes! We are trying to get the writing going and write more often, but thanks for following in the meantime! I miss seeing you on Facebook. Really, I miss seeing you in person the most though. We should connect this summer!

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