Check…Check…One…Two…Is this thing on?

Sorry, but it’s been so long since we’ve posted on here we needed to make sure everything still worked.

So far, so good.

Remember when we hit the road full-time and did a blog post talking about how we’d not posted in a while because we had been so busy preparing to leave, etc.? Well, we had the best of intentions, but intentions and 50 cents $2.50(!) will get you a cup of coffee (wow, coffee has become expensive). Thanks to Tiffany, we do get some posts on Facebook – if you are not aware, Ben is still not on Facebook; he’s afraid of commitment and waiting to see if it has staying power before creating a profile. Some have complained that we do not post often enough, and the Facebook updates are insufficient/inaccessible.

We hear you and apologize.

Jetty Walk

In the new year, we resolve to do better…if you resolve to tell your friends about our little blog. We need all the advertising dollars we can get. Just kidding (kind of); we’re trying to use humor to assuage our guilt.

So, what’s new?

Well, if you have not already noticed, we’ve got a few new features on the blog, the coolest being the interactive map linked above as “Our Journey (So Far)”. Play around on it and you will see where we’ve been, and perhaps where we are going.

We’ve also loaded many new photos, accessible through the map, or directly through the “Pics and Stuff” link above. Apparently the Internet has become a very visual medium, so photos are popular. We’ll try to get more of those up between our (ir)regular posts.

Mimicking CharlieA non-blog related update…we bought a house! And it doesn’t even have any wheels!

More on this later, but do not worry, we are still on the road for a while.

One last thing, we helped our kids start an online business/blog. It’s a way for them to learn business/customer service skills, practice writing, and make a couple of dollars (a.k.a. start puling their own weight). You can find out more info at thepennytrip.com.

That’s all for now. We hope you like some of the changes to the blog and appreciate your interest in our adventure, and patience with us.

Thanks so much for following along!


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  1. Love my Penny Trip mail. Their handwritten notes are precious. I admire all 5 of you more than you can imagine. You know Jack IS my favorite. Keep truckin Fite family!!!

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