As you may know, we've added a bunch of pages to our blog summarizing our visits to various places - complete with pictures! We still like to do official "blog posts", however, especially when there's a story to tell that does not lend itself to our Read more [...]
Hello? Check...Check...One...Two...Is this thing on? Sorry, but it's been so long since we've posted on here we needed to make sure everything still worked. So far, so good. Remember when we hit the road full-time and did a blog post talking about Read more [...]
One reason Aidan is glad he left traditional school?  Too many rules. He's an old soul and, while he's no trouble maker, he has little patience with ridiculous rules.  We've promised him this post for over a year...  Imagine you are 10 years old. Read more [...]
People often wonder what our typical day on the road is like.  Well, we're just over a month into our new lifestyle and still not sure what a typical day is, or even if such a thing exists. That said, here's a rundown of a recent day that we hope will Read more [...]