We started this blog a couple of years ago to chronicle our thoughts and experiences as tried to “embrace uncertainty and gain perspective”.  We were not sure where those efforts would lead, until now.  On July 1, 2014, we will leave a “Sticks & Bricks” rental home and move into our new home on wheels.  We will cruise North America slowly, living and learning.

This isn’t a long vacation, but rather Life. On the road. Together.

Fite Family 2.0.



Money (aka How will you survive?): We’ve lived relatively frugally for years – saving as a default and avoiding debt unless absolutely necessary. We sold our money pit of a home last year and started renting, which allowed us to put some money away. We also got rid of 99% of what we owned. We got pennies on the dollar for it, but its more pennies than we had before and like they say, “you can’t take it with you”.  Going forward, we’ll live on savings while trying to find freelance work along the way, and defray costs with opportunities such as workamping (working in exchange for a site with hookups).

PicMonkey Collage What about Health Insurance?: Yes, we’ll have it. Initially we figured we’d use either Cobra (through our employers), or get private insurance. Recent developments in the healthcare world have complicated the latter option because we may no longer be able to find the plan that is best for our family.  So, we’ll have insurance, but the details are to be continued…

Are the boys OK with this?: They are very excited. They will connect with family and friends online, and look forward to meeting many new friends along the way! They may also start their own business in order to share their travels with others – details to come…

What about the Dog: He’s going, too. We think he’s excited, but he’s a boxer, so he’s always excited.

What about School?: We started homeschooling in September 2013, and it’s been a great change for us. We’ll just continue on! We’ll call it RoadSchooling.

How long will you be gone?: We’re keeping it open ended. We’ll roll until we don’t want to anymore. Part of our travels will be to scour the country and see if we want to settle in a new place, or we’ll keep living nomadically assuming we can sustain the lifestyle. We’re flexible.

and, now for the biggest question…

Why?: Because we can.

In truth, there’s not just one reason. It just feels right. We could go on and on about the reasons (especially Tiffany), but we’ll just leave it simple for now. Happy to discuss if you’d like.

Starting a post with a definition seemed desperate, so we got creative and put it near the end.  The Internet (aka Dictionary.com) defines Inertia as “inertness, especially with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness”.  Giving up secure jobs and the “white picket fence” lifestyle is scary, but we are more afraid of staying put and insulating our children (and ourselves) from the world by going through the motions for a couple of decades only to find ourselves wondering “what if”.  We’re breaking away from comfortable compliance and embracing uncertainty. Crazy?  Depends on your perspective.

Anyway, if you are interested in watching us try, fail, learn and live, please follow along.  We would love to connect with folks along the way and hope to see you on the road! Blossom - Anais Nin


  1. Hey, good on you Fites! It’s been a long time coming, hope you all have a brilliant time. Our USA road trip section of the last year of travel was great fun and surprisingly diverse, hope you make some cool discoveries too.

  2. So glad you will be blogging as I am with you in spirit. Allie sends wags to Jack, Will you have any kind of mail box or is it all online now? Lots of love, Nonna

    • Thanks for checking in Nonna and sorry we’ve been late to respond. We’re in the process of setting up a new mailing address and will let you know once it is finalized. In the meantime, we’re available through email. Love you and looking forward to seeing you on the road!

  3. Go Fites!!! Can’t wait to meet up with you and/or have you visit us again!!!

  4. I think this is so cool- having the bravery to look at what is really important in life! I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels!

  5. So happy for your family. Can’t wait to connect with you on the road one day.

  6. Bridget Farren

    I have always admired you and now even more! Should the road lead you toward Sactown I know you will have fam to catch up with, but the Farren’s have a great couple of acres to store the rig and a boy who would love to hear the adventures and your boy’s business ideas:)
    Much love,

  7. Fites,
    I’ve been living in uncertainty since birth and one of the happiest, weirdest people I know (sometimes). And as Anais says, it’s more painful to ‘not’.

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