Yep, the blog has been neglected. Big time. We’ve had quite a bit going on, but really, that’s just an excuse.

Since writing our 2012 year in review, we’ve…

  • Prepared our home for sale
  • Traveled to Europe
  • Sold the home
  • Found a rental
  • Got a new job (Tiff)
  • Continued working full-time
  • Traveled for work, and…
  • Had a kid venture into the competitive soccer arena (with the family in tow)

We are currently packing up the house and continuing to purge.

So, although the blog has been neglected, our goals have not!

Later this month we will vacate our home of 6 ½ years to move across town to a rental home. The home selling process has been yin and yang. Living in a house you are trying to sell is not easy – having to “live” in a spotless home with two boys, a muddy yard, a dog, full-time jobs, etc. So, we scrambled and were able to put it on the market the day we left for Europe.  With any luck, it would sell while we were gone. Within the first week we received two offers in three showings. We negotiated and accepted a contract from an apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland (technology is awesome!). It was lovely to return home to a pending sale.

Welcome Home...Now Leave!

Welcome Home…Now Leave!

The rough patches have included the “honey do” list that came out of the inspection, and our lemon of a washing machine breaking (again) upon our return to the states. Unfortunately, the latter was written into the home contract and will cost us. Despite being a quick sale, we are certainly not making money on this deal. We will recoup only about 7% of what we’ve paid into the house. This house will nickel and dime us until we leave!

The pressure was on to find a rental.

We looked into getting an apartment, but learned our dog is on a restricted breed list at one apartment community, and according to another community we weren’t qualified to live there because we made too much(?) money – and trust us, we’re not “the rich”.

So, a house it is. Our little town is going through quite a housing boom. Inventory of homes for sale is low, and rentals are few and far between. One rental we looked had 37 calls in five days. Ugh. Competition.  We reached out to our local contacts asking about rentals in their neighborhoods. Coincidentally, an acquaintance was moving out of their rental close to the time our home sale closes. Bingo!

Ironically, as we look to minimize, we’ll move into the biggest, nicest home we’ve ever lived in.

We had considered renting in our current neighborhood to maintain some familiarity. Those leads ended up not panning out though and, in hindsight, we are really happy about it. We’re still in the same town, but feel like we are getting a fresh start. We moving just 10 minutes away, but thrilled at the change we’ll be experiencing. We will be living around new people. We will have new space. We (well Tiff) will start a new job. We’re looking forward to the fresh start.

Adventure Awaits!

Adventure Awaits!

One thing we plan to change is our kitchen. We will have about two weeks between moving out of our current home before the rental becomes available. This will force us to restock our kitchen from scratch with clean, real foods. Another change will be adopting a home exercise routine given the new-found space. And, despite the larger home, we plan to unpack gradually, just pulling into the house what we will actually use as we need it.

Anything not out of a box in about six months will go.

These are exciting changes, but the biggest and most exciting change for us will be freedom from any debt. The house was the last.  When the sale closes, we will owe no one. The liberation is intoxicating! We may purchase again, especially as an investment/retirement/passive income strategy, but for now…

We are looking forward to the freedom from debt and the flexibility it brings!




  1. It’s been a while! Congratulations on moving towards your goals, it’s great that you sold the house. Much the same here, just counting down the days, under 4 months to go now!

  2. So, so excited for you!! We hope to have a similar story to tell in a month or two. :)

  3. Great post..congrats on being debt free and simplifying your lives..

  4. Wonderful! I was worried about you guys, but WOW – this are some good reasons to neglect the blog! And really, if unless your blog is a means to an end – who cares! GREAT JOB!

  5. Congrats!! Cheers to the new start!

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