This is the second installment in our two-part series – What Do the Boys Think of This Travel Thing? That’s the informal name…we really just needed to post something on this site since we’ve been terrible about keeping up on it, and many people have asked how the boys enjoy the travel so we interviewed them! See part one here


Enjoying a day of sledding at White Sands National Monument (New Mexico)

Tell me about yourself. First of all my name is Ethan, and I am 13 years old. My favorite video game is Minecraft and my favorite sport is soccer. I have been traveling with my family for about ten months now.

Who do you travel with? I travel with my parents, my younger brother, and my dog. Their names are Tiffany, Ben, Aidan, and Jack.

Describe your life on the road. My life is very different compared to others. For one, I am living in a 30 ft. box that can be moved anywhere and anytime we like. Secondly, I do not go to a public school. I am taught by different curriculum and my parents. Lastly, we do not have a structured life, like most. We often don’t know what we are going to do the next day. Some days we explore, some we stay at the campground. We just never know.

What aspect of life on the road do you enjoy? I enjoy many things about living on the road, but I will only express a few reasons.
1. I love the not knowing what we are going to do the next day. My mom always likes to go over the next day for school but then sometimes my mom lets us skip school that day so we could spend a day exploring and learning together.
2. I love moving to a new place every one to two weeks. Living in a travel trailer means having new scenery out your door often. I love knowing that we will be someplace totally different in one to two weeks.

Enjoying the buffet at the Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Enjoying the buffet at the Bellagio (Las Vegas)

What challenges have you encountered living on the road? The main challenge I have been facing is friends. Friends have been a big part of my life. It is tough to not be able to hang out with them for maybe forever after all the amazing memories you created. I have an Instagram and Facebook account to keep in touch virtually, but sometimes I feel like keeping in touch this way makes me want to see them face to face even more. Another thing is connectivity. More and more of my life is dependent on WiFi, and that is not a common thing to have in this lifestyle.

What do you do in the car on driving days? On driving days my mom usually reads a book called Story of the World. We use that book as our history for homeschool. Whenever she is not reading that we either listen to a history podcast, other podcast, or listen to music. Very rarely are my brother and I allowed to use screens during travel days.

Tell me about roadschooling. What do your days look like? Our days on the road are very flexible. Almost every day we do math; and whenever we go to a new place we write about it too. We put our articles on my brother’s and my blog – We used to have a much tighter schedule but my mom and dad felt like we were not learning as much and we were just “checking things” off the list. We once tried a project and that was fun so I hope to try one of those again. As you can tell we cannot make up our mind! We are starting to put more structure to our days though – to create good habits.

What type of places do you like to go to? I like to go places where I can explore and climb. I like to learn by feeling and exploring not reading or watching. Therefore I am not a big fan of museums.

What other places have you been to that you really enjoyed? I really liked going to Pinnacles National Park. We hiked into an amazing cave with a waterfall in it. It was so cool to big walking in a natural cave and to hear rushing water. It simulated all of your senses.


Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park (California)

How do you stay in touch with friends and family? I use social media such as Instagram and Facebook. I also use Gmail.

Is there anything that could make life on the road more pleasant for you? Not really. I feel like I have almost everything I need in this type of environment.

What advice do you have for other teenagers on the road? One thing comes to mind: Remember that it takes some getting used too. There will some ups and downs and it is in your power how to handle the change.

What is your favorite location and why? My favorite location is Boise. I loved staying there in the snow and seeing my friends. But in Boise we stayed in our rental house. So as for my favorite location staying in our trailer; I would have to say Pacifica CA. Right outside San Francisco. The campground was right on a bluff so you could hear the water crashing. It was amazing to be looking at your trailer, then if you turn 180 degrees there is the ocean.

Where would you like to go International? I would like to go to the Caribbean and Australia. I love the beach and these two places are known for their beaches!


  1. I love this! I appreciate your sense of adventure though I will say that my heart started to race a little at the thought of not knowing what’s in store for tomorrow. we miss all of you!

    • Fite Inertia

      Thanks Lorraine – we miss you guys too! Hope to see you this summer.

      I don’t think we’re too “off the cuff.” We do have some days that are impromptu, but personally, I would not have characterized it as so “loose.” Interesting that Ethan did!

  2. I just published a very similar post! As my eldest is now 10, I see problems creeping in, the same ones your 13 year old is bringing up here. But still they prefer life on the road to the alternative.

    • Fite Inertia

      Thanks! I look forward to reading your post. How the kids enjoy traveling is a common question we get. All of us struggle at times, but I also know we would miss traveling tremendously if we were to stop soon! Currently, we’re in one spot for three months. It’s been nice to explore more deeply than we had before, although, 6 weeks in and all of us are eager to move again!

  3. I met Tiffany’s parents on an airplane a couple of days ago and was fascinated by hearing of your trip! I have long dreamed of doing a similar trip and look forward to reading more of your adventures. I also have an Ethan, although he is only 7. Best wishes!

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