In the days leading up to our departure from Boise, a nice weather front moved in, depositing several inches of snow and ice on the roads. We got an early start and slowly made our way out of Boise, through Nevada, and back into northern California. It was one of the least pleasant drives we’ve had thus far. Thankfully, we did not have the trailer with us.

After re-entering California, we picked up our trailer and headed to Lake Minden Thousand Trails in Nicolaus, California – about 30 minutes or so north of downtown Sacramento. The campground surrounds a lake (hence the name), which provides fun activities – paddle boats, swimming, fishing, etc. during the warm seasons. We were there in November so, aside from a few fishermen, the lake was quiet. We had some beautiful sunsets and saw some wildlife. Other than that, the campground was a nice place to stay while we saw friends and family, and did some touristy things like visit Sutter’s Fort and Old Sacramento.

Nicolaus, CA

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