Pacifica is just south of San Francisco and served as a great home base while we visited the city. We stayed at an RV park perched on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful, but given the recent (and ongoing) rains, we were a bit concerned that our stay would last longer than our eroding bluff. We had two sunny days and at least we were staying on asphalt, so we did not need to fight mud. In all, a nice change of pace.

While in Pacifica, we visited San Francisco using CityPass discounts purchased on Groupon. Though we’d been to the city many times, using the pass allowed to be tourists and saw many sites for the first time. You can read more about they boys’ visit here.The more we visit San Francisco, the more we like it.

We also drove south on the coast, visiting a lighthouse/hostel, playing on the beach, and even eating at a Taco Bell overlooking to ocean (really!). The food was still Taco Bell, but at least the views were nice. The boys’ cousins also joined them for a sleepover in the trailer, connecting one last time before we headed further south. Though we kind of backtracked by going to Pacifica, we enjoyed getting to see the city one more time and visiting with family.

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