After leaving the Gold Country, we returned to Cal Expo RV Park for one more week. This allowed us to see more extended family and friends.

We also visited Davis, California (one of our favorite college towns) and Aidan got his hair cut! He actually returned to the same barber shop that he received his first ever hair cut, which was kind of cool. Aidan’s always had an interesting, shall we say…spirit. Deciding to free himself of his long locks gave him a new spunk that took some getting used to. We loved it though, even if the barber’s initial styling left Aidan looking a little “Bieber-esque”.

Meanwhile, Ethan found a BMX track to explore. If it’s got wheels and can go fast, Ethan is interested. He lives life to the fullest, even if it exhausts himself and everyone around. He had a great time!

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