When we prepared to hit the road full-time, we sold almost all of our possessions, including our home. It only makes sense, then, that once we were on the road, we decided to buy a house(!). Seriously, we thought having some of our savings in real estate vs. a savings account made sense. Though we decided to buy a home as an investment, it also needed to be a place we could see ourselves living someday. We found that in Boise, ID, and actually made an offer on a home while we visited in September. It was accepted, so in early November we left the trailer in Northern California and took a road trip back to southern Idaho to tend to some matters related to the closing of the home purchase.

While in Boise, we enjoyed a beautiful snowfall, walked around Boise State University and downtown, and took advantage of the public library. We had so much fun, we were tempted to extend our stay indefinitely, but we decided to keep to the plan and hit the road again. We will be back…with proper notice to our tenants, of course.

Boise, ID

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