Defining a perfect day reveals your life’s priorities.  Thankfully, living simpler brings a perfect day within reach.  

Here’s my version:

Some Priorities

  • Wake up naturally, and fairly early.
  • Run or walk to set my mind.  If possible, participate in a group run or event for charity.  They are so fun – I love the energy!
  • Cook a healthy, hearty meal for my family, like steel-cut oats with apples and cinnamon.
  • Hike a new trail, explore a new road or town, or go to a favorite spot that makes me so happy (like a nearby creek).
  • Have a coffee date with my family at a neighborhood café, where we can have some great conversations.  If I am alone, I will usually just watch people.  Engage and smile at strangers – try to understand, and anticipate, what they are facing that day.  I will also take my notebook to create a list or journal some thoughts.
  • Find someone to delight, or do something to help – make an anonymous coffee purchase, pick up litter on the walk home from the café, or donate to a friend’s fundraising effort.
  • For dinner, create a simple, wholesome meal to quiet the stomach before bed.
  • Play a board game with the family and then have some family reading time, either side by side with our own books or read a chosen book aloud.
  • Finally, finish the day with some more reading while enjoying a glass of wine with my husband as we listen to some beautiful symphonic music.

A Job Well Done

I realize I have described what is essentially a weekend day.  My perfect day does not involve “work” – hmmm, why am I trading 40-60 hours per week of my life doing it?  Ah yes, to maintain this lifestyle.  I think I need to change that.

Join the conversation! What is your perfect day?  What are your priorities?


  1. This is such a good exercise… I think we should all do it at least once a year to track subtle changes and make sure we’re still striving for the right things. I love the balance of health through nutrition, activity and relaxation! :)

    • Thank you Jenn! I agree – a great exercise. A very wise friend and coach suggested this activity, and for that, I will always be grateful :)

      (although clearly yesterday was NOT my perfect day given I fed my family Top Ramen. Perfect day fail. But today is a new day!)

  2. My perfect day? If I am to be at home, in the tropics, it would have to be cloudy to keep the sun off us and make being outside safer and more pleasant. Like you’ I’d run on the beach at dawn, the children would have to stay asleep a bit later for that, I can’t sneak out once they’re awake. Then just a day of happiness for everyone, no melt downs, no tantrums, get some learning done, swim in the sea if it’s winter, in the creek if it’s summer to avoid what we call “stinger season”. Finished with prawns and wine near the water somewhere. It’s the lack of meltdowns that’s hardest to arrange with my two boys! It would be even more perfect if we could arrange a day snorkeling out on the reef, but that is a rare treat. Generally I’d rather be somewhere else,traveling, exploring new places and cultures is always more exciting.

    • Sounds like an awesome day Alyson (especially sans the meltdowns)! When I cannot be traveling or exploring new places, wine near the water sounds pretty darn great to me! Thanks for sharing your perfect day!

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