Reflections on 2012

We had a lot of fun, made ourselves uncomfortable, and experienced many firsts – such as…

  • Venturing into the writing world (i.e. this blog)

  •  Delivering our first ever April Fools pranks to our unsuspecting boys


  • Taking our first overnight train from Seattle, WA to Davis, CA


  • The tickle in our tummies from learning trapeze


  • Our first backpacking trip to beautiful Yosemite




The other stuff wasn’t always fun, or easy. But worth it, it was.

  • Big decisions were made that are changing the course of our family.

  • We sold and gave much more than we acquired.

  • New friends entered our lives – some of whom we’ve not met in person – like her, them, and her.

  • We faced our own mortality as folks our age passed or were diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.


Nothing regretted, everything gained!

2013 will bring more adventure and many changes – such as this, and this, and definitely more of this.  We are redefining our family’s goals and the path we are meant to travel.

What is calling you this year?

Thank you for sharing your journey and becoming part of ours!  Here’s to you!

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  1. You know what’s calling me Tiffany! Less than 6 months to go now. Here’s wishing us all lots more firsts, adventures, new friends and experiences in 2013. I hope she’s a lucky year. ( I love that photo collage plugin!)

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