We’re three weeks into this open-ended travel life. How's it going? I wish I could tell you we are “living the dream!”  Not yet. Hopefully soon! What I do know so far: I love the simplicity the small space our 30-foot travel trailer provides. Read more [...]
Ben and I were asked recently about whether we had "overcome something hard in the past". Nothing immediately came to mind, and for that I am thankful. We have never been laid off or had a catastrophic financial issue. We've always been methodical in Read more [...]
Reflections on 2012 We had a lot of fun, made ourselves uncomfortable, and experienced many firsts - such as... Venturing into the writing world (i.e. this blog)  Delivering our first ever April Fools pranks to our unsuspecting boys   Taking Read more [...]
We were set to have a quiet Christmas - just the four of us.  Our local family was out of town and, being our last Christmas in this house, our kids really wanted to stay home instead of going to Bend, Oregon to be with cousins.  To respect their Read more [...]